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Leadership Physician

Leadership Opportunities for Physicians and Medical Students

January 30, 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes What should physicians, recent graduates, and medical students do to acquire and develop leadership skills? THE PROBLEM As a doctor, I plan to run practices, lead teams, and manage executive boards, all across the globe. It’s ambitious, I know. I prefer to reach for the stars. To fulfill this vision, I decided that I would […]
Doctor and Nurse working together


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Leadership Practice

Breaking the Wall With Nurses

January 19, 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes Respect and Communication Between Nurses and Physicians Most medical students about to embark on their clinical clerkships are simultaneously excited and mildly terrified. This is for good reason, as rotations are an unfamiliar landscape with an added level of responsibility. Up until this point it has been, in large part, a lot of didactics with patient […]
Miami, FL

Medical Doctor (M.D.); Research Fellow at Lumen Foundation Artificial Intelligence Division

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