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A Black Fungus Infection Is Killing Covid-19 Patients in India

June 10, 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes How Covid-19 and its treatments create a breeding ground for black fungus infection.  Black Fungus Infection, India’s New Pandemic “The black fungus infection has now become more challenging than Covid-19,” says Dr. VP Pandley, head of Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital. “If patients are not treated in time and properly, then the mortality rate can go up […]
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50 Years of Research Reveals How You Can Live Longer and Be Happier

April 7, 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes Be happier and live longer by taking these three steps. Happiness Is on Holiday Just glimpsing the major headlines on a given day is enough to tell us that peace and happiness are becoming alien concepts in our world. The news is forever saturated with unrest, uncertainty, and violence. Increased incidence of depression and suicide […]
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From Selfie to Diagnosis: Detect Heart Disease by Snapping Pictures

March 31, 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes We all take them. Soon selfies might actually keep us healthy. AI, Selfies, and the Future of Medicine  Based on how quickly AI-based machines are advancing, the future is very exciting. The healthcare industry is on the cutting edge, and experts are encouraging the adoption of wearables to improve diagnosis and treatment. First, there were […]
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What Is the Meaning of Life? Sorry, but That’s Kind of a Stupid Question

March 23, 2021
Reading Time: 7 minutes What one unforgettable patient taught me about life’s meaning. 82 Years Young and More Fulfilled Than Ever It was the end of a long and trying day in clinic. I’m a family medicine resident, so my patient list is full – I glanced at the chart. Last one. 82-year-old female in for a routine checkup. […]
Artificial Intelligence Emerging Technology Medicine

AI Can Now Prescribe Medicine

March 17, 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes AI and its ever-expanding skillset Is There Anything AI Can’t Do? With artificial intelligence, the possibilities are endless. These machines, models, and algorithms become more human every day – they basically squeeze the decision and discernment power of an active human brain into codes. The results already go beyond our limited capacity. Thus, that AI […]

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