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Doctors Are Leaders, but Are They Good at It?

July 26, 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes Despite it not being a focus of their training, the best doctors are also great leaders. Being a Physician Sure Is a Big Responsibility We go to them for advice and peace of mind. We rely on them in times of crisis. Doctors are viewed as healers, but they are also looked up to as […]
Medicine Personal Growth

The Relationship Between Stress and Gut Microbiota

July 7, 2021
Reading Time: 4 minutes How stress manipulates the trillions of tiny microorganisms we carry in our gut. Stress Is a Killer, Literally Before COVID-19 descended upon us, stress was named the health epidemic of the 21st century. Stress is responsible for about 90% of all illnesses and diseases. Manifesting through our body’s response to anything we perceive as overwhelming, […]
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A Black Fungus Infection Is Killing Covid-19 Patients in India

June 10, 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes How Covid-19 and its treatments create a breeding ground for black fungus infection.  Black Fungus Infection, India’s New Pandemic “The black fungus infection has now become more challenging than Covid-19,” says Dr. VP Pandley, head of Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital. “If patients are not treated in time and properly, then the mortality rate can go up […]
Leadership Medicine Personal Growth

50 Years of Research Reveals How You Can Live Longer and Be Happier

April 7, 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes Be happier and live longer by taking these three steps. Happiness Is on Holiday Just glimpsing the major headlines on a given day is enough to tell us that peace and happiness are becoming alien concepts in our world. The news is forever saturated with unrest, uncertainty, and violence. Increased incidence of depression and suicide […]
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From Selfie to Diagnosis: Detect Heart Disease by Snapping Pictures

March 31, 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes We all take them. Soon selfies might actually keep us healthy. AI, Selfies, and the Future of Medicine  Based on how quickly AI-based machines are advancing, the future is very exciting. The healthcare industry is on the cutting edge, and experts are encouraging the adoption of wearables to improve diagnosis and treatment. First, there were […]

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