Our team at the AIM blog believes that it all starts with actions that inspire people. To us, inspiration is the framework for motivation. Therefore, our mantra is Action, Inspiration, and Motivation. The posts in this blog are intended to foster awareness and hopefully call others to action.

You will find pieces on a breadth of topics such as physicians, medical practice, leadership, personal growth, artificial intelligence, the future of healthcare, and much more. We will also be adding notes and covering topics from books and articles that we read.

Here at AIM, we want to leverage inspiration and motivation and get the gears turning towards real, sustainable change.


Sohail Merchant, M.D.


Sohail Merchant is a medical doctor from American University of Antigua, the co-founder of Lipid Nanotechnologies, LLC, a research fellow at LUMEN A.I. division, and a co-author of several publications. He seeks to educate others on topics relevant to the life sciences, biotechnology, drug discovery, and personalized medicine industries. In recent years, Sohail has developed an unbridled passion for the field of artificial intelligence and its emerging impact on healthcare. 

The digital age is upon us and it is filled with uncertainty but also with possibility. As founder of the AIM blog, Sohail aspires to help the healthcare workforce navigate through this blank canvas of the digital age, leading frontier changes that will enhance medicine for years to come. 

Jordan Voght


Jordan Voght is a current 3rd-year student physician from St. George’s University School of Medicine. Previously, he obtained an MBA with concentrations in marketing, internal business, and operations management. Jordan sincerely enjoys all topics related to pediatrics, psychiatry, and sociology, and offers the unique perspective of a current student physician in the midst of his clinical rotations. 

Always ready to engage in and promote discussion about the various aspects of medicine, he loves to analyze the role they play in today’s society. Jordan is perhaps most fascinated by the evolving landscape of mental health and how the theory and care for it are applied inside and outside of the clinical environment.

Joshua DeCou



Josh received a degree in English from Earlham College way back in 2003. He is a voracious reader with far too many favorite books and authors to list here. He is the founder and CEO of personalstatementman.com.

Daniel Gana

Content Creator

Scott Hill


Scott Hill is an Information Technology Professional that graduated at Florida State University.

Anne Davis

Contributing Author

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