December 2020

Medicine Practice

See How 8 Digital Health Companies Are Using Cryptocurrency To Reward Users

December 28, 2020
Reading Time: 5 minutes How Digital Health Companies are Paying Users To Work out, Stay Sober and Share Data Using Crytocurrency Rewards Introduction Cryptocurrencies may change the way we share data or interact with physicians.  What if you could get paid for every calorie you burn? What if your bank account grew for every day you adopted a healthy […]
Artificial Intelligence Emerging Technology

Exposed: Four Important Health Tech Trends To Anticipate In 2021

December 17, 2020
Reading Time: 5 minutes Four Health Tech Trends to Anticipate In 2021   2020: A Year We Want to Forget. But What Can We Learn from It? Can Anything Good Come Out of 2020? Yes, We Believe So. If nothing else, 2020 taught us to be grateful for each day and to appreciate everything around us; life, what we […]
Artificial Intelligence Emerging Technology

AI and Diabetes; Promising Research Calls For Jubilation

December 10, 2020
Reading Time: 5 minutes How Technology Is Beginning to Help Us Address a Major Disease Introduction  As incidence of diabetes increases around the world, it is clear that medicine could use assistance in its diagnosis and maintenance. While there are over 425 million people living globally with the disease, several million more are yet to be identified. Information from the WHO […]

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